Friday, May 11, 2012

Work with Your Images Like a Professional Using “Learn Photoshop Now”

People buy Adobe Photoshop because they want one thing – professional quality images. One of the problems that come along with purchasing the program is learning how to use it to get the quality results you want. Now you have available at your fingertips one of the most comprehensive computer based tutorials for Photoshop, "Learn Photoshop Now".

Within a matter of hours, students will be able to master the basic functions in Photoshop. Transform old photographs in new ones using a simple shortcut. Get rid of the red-eye effect in many photos. Learn to use the Palette Well and other important Photoshop tools that seem cumbersome to understand.

Learn to work with the tools that the professionals use. Using functions like "Grow" and "layering" to create seamless works of art every time! Discard the time wasters by using short cuts and tricks. Learn how to navigate through your images in Adobe Photoshop.

Make the subjects of your photos look better by adding photograph enhancements. Learn how to get teeth looking pearly white, how to remove blemishes and double chins and how to remove wrinkles. People will love your work because you know how to make them look great in their photographs!

Learn Photoshop Now will teach you how to make logos and other graphics designs in Adobe. A single logo design could cost you anywhere from $300 to $500. You can save that money, but you now also have a way to generate some cash flow just from using a resource you already purchased!

Professional Artists keep up with current events in their field. Learn Photoshop Now not only offers you training on how to use the Adobe Photoshop program, they also provide a blog full of resources that will keeps artists in the learning stage of their career. Discover new tips and tricks to help get the job done in Photoshop quicker and easier!

David Peters is a well-established Adobe Photoshop Coach. He understands the needs and fears of new Photoshop users and has helped many people with his tutorial series. Also of proven value are his ongoing email updates which keep his students at the forefront of learning.

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