Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What People Think Of “Turn Your Photos Into Cash

"Excellent package. More information than I anticipated. Put some of the recommendations to work immediately and will continue to study the course as I take a cruise next month (taking a lot more stock photos on that trip) all my years of taking photos that I considered fine art are now a good consideration for selling as stock."

"I really enjoyed your home study course. I found if very helpful in preparing and marketing my photos. A friend asked me one time what I was going to do with all the picture I take and now I have found an answer."
Wenda Gassner

"It sounds quite good. We have recently moved to a new home, and are still getting organized. So it may be a few weeks before I really get into it very far, but this looks like a real winner well done Dan."

"Let me say thank you for the TURN YOUR PHOTOS INTO CASH course. I have found it to be very informative and understandable, Dan the course has directed me into a whole new world for my photos, and gave me the information to do it properly."

"Excellent information on how to make money with your digital camera and hyper-links to resources."

"I've always loved capturing memories on film and more recently in digital format. A while ago I decided to it was time to improve my camera knowledge and skills and I obtained your course, 'A Guide to Digital Photography'. It was very helpful.
"Then more recently I purchased your 'TYPIC' course to learn the 'Ins and Outs' of selling my pictures (I have thousands of personal and Travel pictures on my computer and in CD/Thumb drive storage) online. "It was very informative and enlightening. I now have a better handle on what types of pictures sell and the quality of picture necessary to make sales. To sum up, I feel the TYPIC course was well worth the money spent and would recommend it to any amateur or intermediate
"…it's awesome, and very clear. I've gained and learned an incredible amount of information on how to make money with my Photos."



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