Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Basics of Class Necessities

So, you just started playing World of Warcraft. Or maybe you're learning everything you need to know about the game while you play right now. Maybe you've been playing for a few months or even years. I don't really care how long you've been playing the game; the odds are that you don't really know everything you need about your class and I'll tell you why I know this without actually seeing your account. First of all, almost no one knows enough about their own class. Sure, you have a few wins under your belt in PvP, but that's more because the other players are just as ignorant about the fundamentals as you are. Throw a bunch of beginners in a room and someone will come out on top…doesn't mean they are the best.

Okay, enough of the brow beating. I'm not trying to insult my fellow WoW fanatics by any means. In fact, what I'm really hoping to do here is to show you just how much you need help with your class. Whether you're a PvP fanatic or just a raiding pro, you probably don't have all the tools you need – the right gear, the epic class mount, or the right talent spec. Most people don't and that's why sites like ElitistGuide.com even exist in the first place. They know that there are people out there like yourself that don't know what they are doing and need a little help.

I stumbled across this little beauty a few days ago while I was looking up some information on playing as a Paladin. I have played almost every class in the game except the Paladin and to tell you the truth, I was growing really tired of trying to figure things out as I went along. I wanted to enjoy the game and have a few pointers to help me do so. That's how I came across Elitist Guide and how I learned that there are in fact people out there who know a lot more than me about this game. Yes, I was just as shocked as you…

So, I bought the Paladin guide and started to read about what I should be doing. Of course, I knew the basics more or less, but I didn't know the exact talent specs to start with or the gear to be specing towards. I didn't know how to defeat a Druid in PvP (and these strategies downright work, trust me there). Basically, I learned the few things I didn't know, reinforced what I thought I already knew and am now in the process of rotating between destroying opponents in PvP and backing up tanks in raids depending on what kind of mood I'm in when I log in. This Paladin is now one of my favorite characters and without sounding too much like a cliché, it's all thanks to ElitistGuide.com. Trust me in this – you should definitely check it out if you can.

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