Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Most internet marketers have heard the term list building, but are you familiar with the idea of doing joint ventures with your list?

The phrase "joint venture" may sound very official and a bit daunting, but in reality it is a very easy process for internet marketers who want to make boat loads of money in a very short period of time. Of course, it takes some work and preparation in advance, but it can be a lucrative proposition.

The basic idea of the joint venture as it relates to list building is this: You find another marketer who is interested in "trading" lists with you for a sales campaign. Here is an example:

You have a website about making money online. You teach mainly about affiliate marketing, and how you can use it to make money from home. You meet another internet marketer who has a great eBook about selling things on eBay for other people on consignment. This does not directly relate to what your website is about, but it is yet another way people can make money from home.

This would be a great opportunity for you to do a joint venture because the information in the eBook will give your list another way to make money from home to support their affiliate marketing efforts.

Maybe they can buy more software, domain names and your training materials if they are making extra money on eBay! So, you approach this other marketer and devise a plan to market to each other's lists. After all, your information will also be of great value to his list.

You create an email explaining affiliate marketing and offer a free short report about why it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He sends it out to his list, and immediately you notice a spike in your list sign ups! You then offer his eBook on your website for a "discount" rate of $29.

You are splitting the profits, and your list is 500 people right now. Let's say only 100 people buy the book. That means you just made $1500 for sending out ONE email!

It is easy to see how list building along with a joint venture can be extremely profitable. There is nothing more fun than watching your bank account grow just because you are sending out the occasional email. So, what are you waiting for? Start building that list today!


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