Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Gladiator Guide Review

 The Gladiator Guide is supposed to bring up what it takes to become a Gladiator and teach you how to become an awesome PvPer. It's true that there are no other PvP guides like it, you don't just get strategies that pass their expiration date as soon as an expansion launches, instead, the gladiator guide teaches you the valuable things that'll be of use no matter what expansion you're currently in. Ofcourse, it comes with strategies for various setups and maps aswell, but that's not the main objective of this guide. The main objective is to teach you about things like effective crowd control, good movement, line of sighting, dealing alot of damage, perfecting your UI, macros and keybinds etc, etc, etc. So that's how it sticks out of the crowd.

The author, Jonathan Miller, has been playing the game for over 8 years now. That's a long time. He claims to have only focused on PvP for his entire WoW career, and well, that's pretty obvious once you get to reading The Gladiator Guide. It won't bore you with useless details. Think of it as compressed and accurate information, once you've read the guide and applied the various changes Jonathan talks about in it, you will be able to reach a high rating. Both I and he say the same thing; it doesn't take an Einstein to achieve the Gladiator rank.

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