Sunday, June 3, 2012

High Rated Arenas

 Not alot of people go beyond 1800 rating. Most often because they don't actually do their best. Some even think they're bad players and will always be bad players because they're stuck on this rating. That's not really the case… most people do have the potential to reach 2500+ rating in any bracket, you just have to have all the important factors of PvP under control. Ofcourse, you also have to play with people who are as serious as yourself, 'cause if you dont then chances are your team won't be able to progress much. Theres also the matter of gear, but really all of this comes with understanding these factors. With understanding said factors, you'll also be able to see when your team isn't doing good enough. You can then teach them these things, and then, if you're lucky, they'll get on "your level".

There are alot of vital PvP factors, such as CC, movement, damage & healing etc etc, the list goes on. One guide that can teach you all of these things is The Gladiator Guide. It is written buy a guy named Jonathan who has played the game for over 8 years now and talks about these things. It's not your regular PvP guide I can tell you that much.

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