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Conservatives and Romney work at working together
The Associated Press
By LAURIE KELLMAN, AP – 9 hours ago WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservatives at the core of the Republican Party are coalescing behind likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney faster than expected after a punishing primary season in which they loudly sought ...
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The Associated Press
Conservative robocalls defender under investigation for election offences
Calgary Herald
OTTAWA — The MP leading the Conservative government's defence in the robocalls scandal is himself under investigation by Elections Canada for alleged election-law violations related to voter-contact calls made by his campaign in 2008.
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Romney: Voters backed conservative values in Wis.
AP SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Mitt Romney said Wednesday that conservatives should be emboldened by the failed attempt to recall Wisconsin's Republican governor. He also said the favorable outcome for Republicans could offer a dose of hope for his ...
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Steve Richards: Baroness Warsi's problem is that her job just doesn't matter ...
The Independent
He cedes control in relation to Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party co-chairman. As a result Hunt is spared the independent scrutiny of a civil servant. Warsi awaits the verdict of the official assigned the task of judging whether or not the ...
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House passes $46 billion homeland security spending bill, with disaster relief ...
Washington Post
Republican conservatives lost a battle this spring with top members of the Appropriations panel over $5 billion in Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster money for hurricane, flood and tornado victims added to the budget as called for in the ...
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Opposition urges Tory attack dog Del Mastro to quit over election expense probe
Winnipeg Free Press
OTTAWA - The Ontario MP who normally leads the Conservative defence against accusations of dirty electoral tricks found himself on the defensive Thursday as opposition critics called on Dean Del Mastro to step down as the prime minister's right-hand ...
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Conservative win will setback healthcare
Joplin Independent
The bill is far from a left-wing ploy; the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation proposed it in 1989. Ironically, it's similar to the plan Mitt Romney adopted when he was Massachusetts governor. The bill also prevents insurers from denying insurance ...
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Conservative MP urges Canada to withdraw from the United Nations
Owen Sound - If a Conservative Member of Parliament has his way, Canada could possibly exit the United Nations. Larry Miller, a Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP, is calling for a review of the nation's participation in the UN due to a recent report and visit.
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Mitt Romney, Conservatives Making Amends Faster Than Expected ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON — Conservatives at the core of the Republican Party are coalescing behind likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney faster than expected after a punishing primary season in which they loudly sought someone else ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed
Not All Conservatives Blast Bill Press - FishbowlDC
By Betsy Rothstein
When conservatives don't like liberal radio and TV personality Bill Press they like to razz him by saying didn't even realize he was still on air. But this morning, in a case of odd bedfellows, Neal Bortz, a libertarian radio host out of Naples, Fla.
Conservatives, pop culture, and the language of the right — The ...
By Erik Kain
So an old post at my now-basically-defunct solo politics blog about conservatives and pop culture has accidentally sparked off a pretty interesting symposium at Acculturated - a conservative blog about pop culture and society. There's a lot of ...
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
Can Conservatives Trust Tom Stilson in Congress?: Karl Rove - BBCW
By Bungalow Bill
On the surface, Stilson appears as a fresh face in Republican politics pushing for conservative ideas in Republican politics. When you did deep into his background, he appears to be deeply connected to the Republican establishment, almost ...
Why conservatives, notwithstanding all their fulminating on the ...
By Lawrence Auster
Noel Shephard at Newsbusters writes: It was another embarrassing election night for the mainstream media that once again badly misinterpreted...
View from the Right

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Emboldened by Wisconsin victory, 2000 conservative activists set to ...
From the blog The Ticket: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's victory Tuesday in the state's recall election arrived at an opportune time for Midwestern Republicans, ...

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