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Enthusiasm, frustration at progressives' Netroots Nation
Bettinson, a retired homemaker from Olympia, Washington, is right at home among the bloggers, activists, union organizers, and political digital mavens at Netroots Nation, the seventh annual gathering of political progressives that grew out of the ...
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Scott Walker — Wisconsin's true progressive
Aspen Times
Realizing this, President Carter reduced collective-bargaining rights for federal employees by signing the Civil Service Reform Act. It's ironic that public-sector unions met their match in Wisconsin, the birthplace of American progressivism and ...
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Citizen Dave: Wisconsin is still a progressive state
But let's also remind ourselves that the governor should be more inclusive, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because Wisconsin continues to be a progressive and independent state, not a conservative Republican stronghold.
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Progressives, Democrats trade accusations over investments
The Democrats also expressed hope the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would stop discouraging investors. "The DS believes that a government and all institutions should be formed in the shortest possible time frame, so that we can get started on solving ...
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Progressives and Workers Were Sold Out by Obama and the Democratic Party
Dissident Voice
by Dave Lindorff / June 7th, 2012 There will be all kinds of dancing around the issue of why progressives lost the recall campaign against union-busting Tea Party Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin on Tuesday, with the Obama campaign trying to ...
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AP Uses a Year's Supply of 'Liberal' and 'Progressive' References in One ...
NewsBusters (blog)
There are even several occurrences of "progressives" and even references to the "left": They are trying to be hopeful, but the Democratic Party's most passionate voters are struggling to hide their frustration with President Barack Obama.
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American progressives gather in Providence for Netroots Nation conference
The Providence Journal
By Paul Grimaldi PROVIDENCE, RI -- Thousands of grass-roots organizers, union activists and progressive political thinkers arrived Thursday morning for the beginning of the "Netroots Nation 2012" convention in Providence, looking for ways to affect the ...
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Supporters of halted Snyder recall campaign turn attention to 'Occupy This ...
Michigan Rising ultimately hopes to develop a progressive think tank to rival conservative think tanks and develop progressive leaders and support progressive legislators. Sara Wurfel, a spokeswoman for Snyder, said the governor has been focused, ...
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PSN at Netroots Nation 2012
Progressive States Network (blog)
How have progressives been fighting back against the right-wing onslaught in statehouses in 2012? How can legislators, organizations, and activists work together to advance a positive vision in the states in 2013 and beyond? What can we all learn from ...
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Video of Glenn Beck at the Philadelphia Freedom Center
FrontPage Magazine
In the wake of this epic disaster, the Communists and Marxists I had known began calling themselves "liberals" and "progressives," while pursuing the same agendas that had led to the tragedies. For the evil of Communism sprang from the progressive idea ...
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Blogs1 new result for Progressives » Blog Archive » Day is Done for Progressives
By BigFurHat
@Diann, Communist Progressive Party, anybody that identifies themselves as a progressive is telling you they are a communist. Liberals are just whacked, progressives are dangerous. I think it was John Stossel that did a real good show on ...

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Ben Zolno: WATCH: David and Goliath - How Progressives Can ...
If you're looking for hope in this year's election, you might want to look at where Main Street ...

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