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NDP supports Liberals to pass antibullying bill on final reading
Hamilton Spectator
Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, had accused the Liberals of infringing on religious freedom by amending the bill to say schools must allow students to use the word "gay"' in a club name. Collins was not available for comment Tuesday, ...
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Liberals must end 'top-down directives,' Bertschi says
An Ottawa lawyer considering a run for the leadership of the federal Liberal party says the party's past leaders made mistakes and it is time for the party to apologize and move on. David Berstchi told the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa Tuesday that ...
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Liberals in Wisconsin hold 'omming' ceremony around state capitol
"Video footage appears to show liberals circling the capitol building and omming in unison," Billy Hallowell wrote. One woman in a video posted at The Blaze explained that the purpose of the "omming" is to "highlight the fact that those circling the ...
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Anti-bullying law 'Liberal arrogance': York advocate
The province Liberals and Progressive Conservatives agree more needs to be done to combat bullying, Premier Dalton McGuinty says. The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives have tabled anti-bullying legislation resulting in partisan.
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Federal Liberals Getting Set For Leadership
Care2.com (blog)
by Amy Boughner The National Board of Directors of the Liberal Party of Canada will be meeting soon to finalize the rules for their next leadership convention which is set to take place in 2013. The decisions they have to make include whether Bob Rae ...
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Labour chief whip in Lords woos Liberal Democrat opposite number
The Guardian
A senior Labour figure has urged his Liberal Democrat counterpart in the House of Lords to "keep the lines of communication open", in the strongest signal to date that elements of the party are preparing the ground for a possible Lib-Lab coalition ...
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The Guardian
The Wisconsin liberals' logic is Greek to me
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)
That was the accepted wisdom, even among liberals, for 20 years. It wasn't until the late 1950s that Wisconsin became one of the first states to begin collective bargaining with public employees. The experiment is failing in the United States just as ...
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The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)
Liberals fail to deliver on energy conservation promises
The North Bay Nugget
QUEEN'S PARK — The Liberal government would rather drive up energy costs with its failed renewable energy program than deliver on its promise to improve energy conservation in Ontario, Environment Critic and Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said ...
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Liberal columnist tells Bill Clinton to stop 'undercutting' Obama
Red Alert Politics
Now the only president from their party who was elected twice since FDR is finding his star tarnished a bit among some media liberals because he dared to compliment Mitt Romney's "sterling" record at Bain Capital during an appearance on CNN last week.
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NDP supports Liberals to pass anti-bullying bill on final reading
Guelph Mercury
TORONTO - The Liberal government's controversial anti-bullying legislation has passed third and final reading with the support of the NDP. The Conservatives opposed the Accepting Schools Act, saying the government has no business telling schools they ...
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"Wisconsin: Liberals Hold Mass Séance To Cleanse Capitol of ...
By Jeff G.
That's the good news. The bad news is, Bill Maher is going to have to make another movie. Or else explain to all of us how believing in a deity is batshit crazy, but attempting to build a karmic energy field to control voting outcomes is all part of ...
protein wisdom
Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Wisconsin: Liberals Hold Mass ...
The night before Wisconsin's recall election progressive activists gathered around the Capitol to cleanse it of negative energy and sing together in solidarity. The evening opened with songs, some of which were written specifically for the ...
Weasel Zippers
Vital Signs: Only Liberals Are Important: The Nat Hentoff Case
Only Liberals Are Important: The Nat Hentoff Case. "When journalist Dan Rather was revealed to have poor news judgment, if not outright malice, for using fake documents to try and change the course of a presidential election, he was given a ...
Vital Signs
Bruce Peabody: Are Liberals About to Lose Their Faith in Courts?
By Bruce Peabody
Democrats and Republicans are rethinking whether the courts are political foes or allies -- and the pending health care decision could push them over the edge.
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