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Walker Survives Wisconsin Recall Vote
New York Times
Scott Walker, whose decision to cut collective bargaining rights for most public workers set off a firestorm in a state usually known for its political civility, held on to his job on Tuesday, becoming the first governor in the country to survive a ...
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New York Times
Wis. recall vote today shaking up US politics
New York Post
2 political nail-biter of the year — behind only the presidential campaign. Walker, a Republican, is only the third governor in US history to be subject to a recall election. The vote was prompted by his aggressive attempts to control state costs by ...
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New York Post
Clinton showers praise on Obama, labels Mitt Romney a 'calamity' for U.S politics
"The politics are wrong on the Republican side; the economics are crazy," he argued. After all this praise and acknowledgment, still Obama is in need of Clinton's help at all levels, be it raising funds for Priorities US Action or his co-operation for ...
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Wisconsin Votes on Recall of Governor
New York Times
MILWAUKEE — Sixteen months after Wisconsin erupted into one of the fiercest political wars in residents' memories, voters began streaming into polling places on Tuesday to decide whether to remove Gov. Scott Walker, the Republican whose decision to ...
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Senate Republicans Again Block Pay Equity Bill
New York Times
"It's a very sad day here in the United States Senate," Senator Barbara Mikulski, Democrat of Maryland, said after the vote. The bill would have built on the 2009 Ledbetter legislation, which ended the statute of limitations on equal pay lawsuits.
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Bill Clinton labels Mitt Romney a 'calamity' for US politics
Bill Clinton campaigned on Monday with President Barack Obama, sprinkling political stardust on his Democratic successor and blasting challenger Mitt Romney for embracing the politics of "constant conflict." The presumptive Republican nominee's ...
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Senators to Open Inquiry Into 'Kill List' and Iran Security Leaks
New York Times
I made it clear that disclosures of this type endanger American lives and undermine America's national security." She said she had discussed the possibility of joint hearings with Mr. Levin. The announcement of hearings came after two Republican ...
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Staubach, Aikman Pessimistic on US Politics
D Magazine
Who knew that when you got two legendary, ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks jawboning about American politics, the tone would turn so gloomy, so fast? It happened today at a United Way luncheon program at The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, ...
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Ex-envoy to Egypt calls for 'time out' in funding political NGOs
Los Angeles Times
Frank G. Wisner, a former top US diplomat and onetime envoy to Egypt, said in a appearance at a think tank in Washington that he believed American funding for groups involved in Egyptian politics was unwise at a time post-revolutionary Egypt is in the ...
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US Rep. Steve Rothman says loss to Bill Pascrell puts end to more than 25 ...
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
"I don't believe I'll be running for political office ever again." Rothman pledged to help his opponent — whom he called "my friend, Bill Pascrell" — along with President Barack Obama in the November elections. The eight-term Congressman nearly ...
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The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

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Eeyore and Inequality in the US - (Notes on) Politics, Theory ...
By Jim Johnson
Sometimes I feel like such an Eeyore, harping on this theme of persistent, increasing political-economic inequality in the US and its consequences. But what is pretty stunning is how much resistance I encounter when I mention things like this ...
(Notes on) Politics, Theory &...
WPR Article | Global Insights: At Shangri-La, Panetta Dials in U.S. ...
By info@worldpoliticsreview.com (Richard Weitz)
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made news this weekend at the Shangri-La Dialogue when he announced that the U.S. Navy would move the bulk of its fleet to the Pacific in coming years as part of the Obama administration's military ...
World Politics Review: Articles
The Obamas and the new politics of race
By Springer Science and Business Media
Has the election of Barack Obama served as the watershed moment for American politics and race relations that many predicted? A number of experts in the field of critical race theory attempt to answer this question in a special issue of ...

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US Politics | AMERICAblog News: AIG CEO: "Retirement ages will ...
One of America's most influential progressive political blogs, providing news analysis of US politics, by John Aravosis in Washington DC.
Election Eve -- Group Interferes with Wisconsin Recall Election ...
TO BE CLEAR YOU MUST VOTE TODAY JUNE 5th Madison – Reports began to surface Sunday from around Wisconsin that those canvassing for Governor ...
US Politics Feature: A Lesson for Romney - Enduring America
EA USA, Category US Politics. Mitt Romney in Craig, ColoradoLast Tuesday, Mitt Romney won enough delegates in the Texas primary to mathematically secure ...
Wisconsin Election a Window to U.S. Politics
RNC Chair Reince Priebus on the upcoming recall election and its impact on national politics.

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