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Progressive Advocate Kim Klein Takes a Stand for Mixing Religion and Politics
The Nonprofit Quarterly
Kim Klein is legendary in the nonprofit world as an expert fundraiser and passionate advocate for social justice, inclusive communities and progressive tax reform. She urges people to take courageous stands, to fight for fairness and to work at the ...
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Serbian Progressives Woo Socialists Into Coalition
Eurasia Review
The largest party in Serbian parliament is trying to tempt Socialists into coalition, also saying that any government formed without the Progressives would lack legitimacy. As talks begin on forming a new government in Serbia, the leader of the Serbian ...
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Progressives say 'sorry' to first Australians
Australian Jewish News
IN its opening salvo, a newly established advocacy centre set up by Australia's Progressive Judaism Movement has sent a formal apology to Aborigines on the occasion of National Sorry Day. The statement by the Jewish Religious Action and Advocacy Centre ...
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"Angels at Sunset" Author Claims Current Focus on Women's Issues Was Also a ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Only the Progressive Party saw woman suffrage as a major issue. Although the Progressive Party lost the 1912 election, suffragists such as Jane Addams, in her 12/14/1912 article in The Woman's Journal claimed there was an awakening of sympathy toward ...
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Jackson Browne cools on Obama
Politico (blog)
The great parade of people that the progressives get to vote for who are the lesser of two evils and who don't really represent what I believe in any overwhelming balance." Browne, who backed Obama in 2008, is feeling disenchanted with the president ...
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Politico (blog)
Moving feast will raise money for film based on a Lawrenceville tradition
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
To see a trailer, visit http://progressionmovie.com/trailer.html Filming a scene from the progressive dinner portrayed in the movie.From right to left: Alex Falberg, Sharon Brady, Hayley Nielsen, Nick Lehane (standing) Tony Bingham, Patrick Jordan, ...
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The Invisible Fist
Wall Street Journal
Scott Walker and Intrade giving him an almost 95% chance of surviving the vote, so-called progressives are bracing for defeat. That chiefly means rationalizing away the expected result. The New Republic's Alec MacGillis, for one, argues that a victory ...
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Recall Campaign Against Scott Walker Fails
The Nation. (blog)
Those lessons are daunting, as they suggest the "money power" populists and progressives of another era identified as the greatest threat to democracy has now organized itself as a force that cannot be easily thwarted even by determined "people power.
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The Nation. (blog)
New Developments in San Francisco's November Elections - Jun 05
Beyond Chron
Longtime Tom Ammiano Assembly aide Quintin Mecke is joining a D5 field already occupied by progressive appointed incumbent Christina Olague and progressive challengers Julian Davis and Community College Board member John Rizzo.
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American Power: Progressives Utterly Crushed After Failed ...
By Donald Douglas
And I really do believe that progressivism died tonight. For the last 18 months we've heard leftists proclaim a surge and revival of progressivism, following the first protests against Walker in Madison, and then when the Occupy movement gave ...
American Power
Scraping the bottom of the barrel, Progressives – their newest GOTV ...
By Skip
Oy vay! Sluts-o-rama time again! We've previously posted about the word "sluts" for a bit here (here, here, here, here, here, here), ever since Sandra Fluke decided that having others pay for those items that give her "freedom" to exercise.

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RealClearPolitics - Progressives Can Build on Recall
On Tuesday, all eyes will be watching to see whether Wisconsin voters will keep labor-bashing right-winger Scott Walker (R) in the governor's mansion. But win ...

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