Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ingredients Which Can Help You Improve Your Intelligence

It is very well known that the food we ingest has a great influence upon the way our body functions. Also, it is common knowledge that each and every organ needs special ingredients in order to work properly and the brain makes no exception. Thus, there are some foods which can make your brain work faster and better and speed up the process of learning. If consumed on a regular basis, these ingredients can be of great help for those who want to increase their IQ in a simple and natural manner.

One of the fruits which have a great effect on human brain is avocado. It contains mono-saturated fats, which are good for the organism as they improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation means more oxygen brought to the brain, which results in its better functioning. If you want to start your day with a meal that will ensure you energy for the entire day, eat an avocado with scrambled eggs for breakfast and you will be active all day long.

Nuts and seeds are other sources of energy and good fats which make your brain function properly. Replace salad dressings with seeds and fast food snacks with nuts and not only will you protect your health from the invasion of harmful chemicals, but will also boost your intelligence and increase your intellectual capacities in a natural way. Yet, stay away from those nuts which contain sweeteners or any kind of artificial flavors, as those are as harmful for your health and brain as much as fast food is.

Another great food for the brain is fish. You can eat tuna or wild salmon for increased memory, but also for reduced stress and anxiety. Both tuna and fish contain high amounts of Omega-3 which are highly beneficial for the brain. In addition to that, B6 vitamin and other beneficial nutrients are contained by fish, so eat as much fish as you can in order to boost you intelligence.

In order to have a brain which functions great day after day, to keep the stress and the mental illnesses away and increase your IQ, include the above mentioned ingredients in your diet. You


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