Thursday, June 7, 2012

Learning Photoshop – The Toolbox

Learning to use Photoshop does not have to be difficult

…In fact, the more you learn about Photoshop and the wide range of applications available the more excited you will be about the possibilities for creating professional quality images and graphics for web sites, marketing materials and more.

The Photoshop toolbox is where it all happens. Almost every single thing you do in Photoshop will involve using tools from the toolbox.

Learning to use the Photoshop toolbox will require a good Photoshop tutorial but the following should give you an idea of the functions available.

The following are a list of the tools included in the Photoshop toolbox and their applications. This is not a comprehensive list but includes the most commonly used tools.

Marquee tool
This tool is part of the selection tool and allows the user to selections.

Move tool
The move tool is used to move layers and selected objects within the canvas.

Brush tool
The brush tool paints brush strokes.

History brush
You will want to learn to use the history brush tool as itcan take you back to the original state of the selection.You have a lot off fun with this tool. Once you learn to use it properly you will be amazed by the professional photo effects you can produce.

Eraser tool
This tool erases solid colored areas.

Dodge tool
This tool lightens areas of your picture selectively.

Burn tool
This took make areas on your image darker. Burning and dodging are techniques that were original practiced by photographers in traditional darkrooms for the purpose of lightening or darkening images.

Type tool
The type tool is used to put text on your image.

Type Mask tool
The type mask tool is a tool located on the toolbar that allows you to create a selection in the form of text ortype.

The real benefit of Photoshop over some of the lesser photoediting software applications is the toolbox. Many of the cheaper photo editing programs do not provide such a wide selection of tools allowing the user to have total control over the creative process. Photoshop puts total control over your final image in your hands. That is why so many professions use Photoshop.

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