Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is a Guide Necessary for Empire & Allies?

My love for social networking games is so great that I stay glued to my personal computer for several hours day, playing games like Frontierville, Farmville, and Cityville. However, the latest game from Zynga, Empire & Allies, is so crazy that I am totally hooked to it. I played it in my office hours also and got a bit scolded by my boss. Still, I had to struggle in progressing in the game after a certain level.

I was really worried that several people were reaching high levels in Empire & Allies within hours, while I was lagging behind pathetically. I was unable to find out the secret for their phenomenal success. When I chatted with a person I had made friends with in Facebook who had been playing this game fantastically, he was kind enough to tell me that he just followed the simple steps that the gaming guru, Tony 'T Dub' Sanders, had presented in his guide for Empire & Allies. My Facebook friend mentioned that Sanders had made the entire gaming procedure so simple that he jumped from level 20-26 to the top rungs in only 3 days! Naturally, I picked up the guide suggested by my friend, Empire & Allies Secrets. The guide was a very big and pleasant surprise with several easy tips for playing the game.

I can assure you that you would've never imagined that you can screw up in so many ways when you play Empire & Allies but my personal experience had taught me that it is definitely possible. I was struggling around level 10 and the help of the guide suggested by my Facebook friend was with me after I had been playing for about a fortnight. Once I went through the guide of Sanders, Empire & Allies Secrets, my level started shooting up and now I am hovering at around an incredible level 35. I had also obtained a Skyscraper condo with the money that I had earned from successful playing of Empire & Allies with the secrets learned from the guide.

I continue to refer to the guide constantly now to improve my levels even further. This guide from Sanders is one of the best investments that you can ever make if you're encountering difficulties in understanding the subtle nuances of Empire & Allies. Now I know how to build more structures with total ease and increase my rental income. I am familiar with the creation of a powerful force of army, air, and sea units and I am able to successfully obtain help from my other Facebook allies in waging a war on my opponents to defeat them. If you are yet to pick up this guide, it is high time you do this right now.


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