Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know Who Your Children are Hanging out With?


As parents, we often worry about the kids our children spend time with. Of course, in a perfect world, each of our children's friends would be the perfect role model, with wonderful grades, a polite demeanor, and plenty of goals and ambitions. However, things seldom work that way. While most parents stress over their child's friends, they rarely consider the other people their children are around regularly. In fact, it can be quite frightening when considered this way.
Our children are around their friends' parents and other adults frequently. Do we really know these people as well as we would like? The truth is that most of the time, we don't. This is one of those times when you need information. Luckily, there are many ways to find it! One example is the website CriminalRegistry.org. With this website and a simple name of someone your child is around all the time, you can find all sorts of valuable information. Here is a rundown of a few things that you can learn through this website.
What parent wants their children around a felon? Just the thought of it makes your heart race. Through this website, with just a name and an approximate age, you can check each person your child spends time with individually. You are able to see if the system has found a match and why. What did the person do, or what happened? You are able to have access to this information as well. This is very helpful information. As a parent, we work a 24-hour job. The little bit of help we can get is invaluable.
Sex Offender
As much as we'd like to pretend that sex offenders don't exist, they certainly do. While most people consider sex offenders to be vile creatures, they look just like you and me! They can be hiding in the friendly and charming parent you met last week. They could be hiding in a regular, smiling face at the grocery store and many, many other places. With this website, you can check each individual to see if they are a sex offender as well.
Other Criminals
When you think of your child, regardless of age, being around drug dealers, rapists, or other criminals, it is very disturbing. It almost makes you want to lock them in the closet and never let them leave the house. While you certainly can't do this, you can do your part to make sure your child is not around people like this. Searching a name on this website allows you to check all of the above situations to make sure your child is safe.

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