Thursday, June 7, 2012

Natural Remedies Which Can Alleviate or Treat Asthma 

Nowadays asthma has become very widely spread all over the world. More and more people are being affected by this condition every day and even though there are made new discoveries, people still find it difficult to live with this ailment. In order to alleviate the discomfort and pain one feels when having an asthma attack, there are some plants which may be used.

One of the oldest remedies for asthma has been Gingko. The Chinese have been extensively used this plant to treat asthma and allergies. This ingredient is highly effective as it blocks the bronchoconstriction, thus partially or totally avoiding an asthma attack or in case of its happening its duration is shorter and the discomfort is smaller. Thus, Gingko can be quite of help if taken on a regular basis.

Another great ingredient in treating, or at least alleviating asthma is caffeine. Drink tea or coffee in order to ingest the necessary amount of caffeine, which improves the way the lungs are functioning. The daily intake of mg of caffeine for each kilo of your body will be enough to reduce the imminence of an attack. Thus, a cup of coffee or two cups of tea can make wonders for you and your lungs and will help you fight asthma more effectively.

Those who like eating onion here is some good news: onion can also play a decisive part in inhibiting asthma. The ingredients contained by onion block the enzymes which produce the chemicals of inflammation, thus reducing the responses to allergens. This means that if you eat onion on a regular basis, the chances of having an asthma attack are diminished, because your body is no longer producing any reactions to the allergens which were normally triggering the asthma attack.

There are also other natural remedies which can be used in order to diminish the effects of asthma. If taken properly they can lead to a reduction of asthma attacks and help you lead a normal life, without the fearing that the next time you will be out on the street you will have an attack which may be fatal.

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