Thursday, June 7, 2012

Proper Breathing Stimulates the Brain and Improves Intelligence

Breathing is a vital process, as no living creature can survive without air. Humans need air too and the amount of oxygen they get influences the state in which the organism is. If the amount and quantity of air that reaches the lungs, and from there inside each and every organ and tissue,is low, than the body will not function at its normal rate. The overall state is bad and the individual starts having health problems. In contrast, if the body gets enough oxygen to preform is daily activities, it will function properly all day long.

Believe it or not, breathing has great importance when it comes to the way in which the brain works. In order to work properly, the brain needs oxygen, just like all the other organs. When it does not get enough, the brain fails to do its activities well, thus stopping any further evolution of one's intelligence. So, if the breathing process is not done correctly, there is no chance of ever increasing the IQ.

Few people know that there is a correct way in which they should breath, and this means standing with your back straight and eliminate as much as possible the obstacles which may prevent the air flow from getting inside the body. Also, it is highly important that both the inhalation and exhalation are deep. Only this way will the necessary quantity of oxygen enter the body and get inside the lungs, while the carbon dioxide will be efficiently exhaled. Superficial breathing, as well as breathing an air of low quality will not ensure the amount quantity of air, thus leading to bad activity of the body and the impossibility of acquiring new information. A stop in the evolution of the brain is produced and only when the brain will receive enough oxygen will it be able to start functioning properly again.

There are multiple factors which can influence breathing, such as stress, body posture, pollution and smoking. These factors should be, as much as possible, neutralized and a proper breathing should be exercised before starting to train the brain. Only this way will a program of increasing the IQ will be efficient and give positive results in a short period of time.


Source CMT Music Awards 2012

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