Thursday, June 7, 2012

Serious Weight Loss – Three Ways to Lose Belly Fat

This article may help you shed some unwanted space from around your waist line. It has me helped to lose some weight, gain energy and lower my blood pressure.It was not too long ago that I was carrying over 240 pounds on frame that is five foot eight inches. Fat, tired and miserable to everyone around me and my blood pressure was rising. I decided to look into ways to get myself started back to a reasonable weight. It is quite embarrassing when you cannot even see your feet and get close to the ones you care about because your belly fat is in the way. Not only that, it is very depressing.

That being said I decided to spend some money on fat loss books to figure out what I needed to do. To my surprise much of the information mentioned in these weight loss work out books were similar.
These books had at least three things in common

1. Build Muscle
2. Interval Train
3. Fat Burning Nutrition

Build Muscle: The common theory is that muscle burns fat when you are not working out. Muscle needs to continuously repair itself when it broken down from a workout. When you replace the nutrients it needs it takes energy to build muscle. When you rest, that energy comes from burning fat. I guess the idea is to burn sugar during your work out and fat while you repair and regenerate.

Interval Training: The idea of slow steady jogging appears to be outdated for belly fat loss. The idea is to challenge the body to intense short exercise spurts with recovery in between. This causes the body to crave oxygen after a workout and oxygen burns fat for energy.

Fat Burning Nutrition: There are some foods that "burn" belly fat and other that pile it on. If you are looking to lose belly fat, reduce your alcohol intake, white sugar consumption and fried food. Replace those with veggies, fish and fruit.

Now if you are on blood pressure medication check with your family doctor as to the exercises you can do safely. Your best bet is to start with proper nutrition. You cannot out work a bad diet.

Since making these changes I have been able to lose close to seventeen pounds, lower my blood pressure to safe levels and my increase energy.

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