Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recognizing the Imminence of an Asthma Attack Can Help You Prevent It

When you suffer from a disease it is highly important to understand its symptoms and the way it functions so that you can act accordingly. This is even more important when your suffer from asthma, as this is a chronic disease with severe manifestations from time to time, but which can be avoided if you can recognize the symptoms which signal an asthma attack.

Most people who struggle with this condition for a longer period of time have already began to feel the imminence of an attack and know exactly when and what to do. Yet, if you have few time since you have discovered that you have asthma, knowing which are the symptoms which precede an attack is almost impossible. So, here is a list of the most common symptoms which announce an attack.

The first thing which must give you something to think about is the unstoppable cough. Asthma usually is characterized by cough, but when this becomes more acute than usual and you just cannot control yourself, then it is high time that you place your medicine somewhere where you can reach them easily. If the cough is accompanied by rapid breathing and wheezing when inhaling and exhaling, chest pain and/or pressure and tightened chest and neck, then you should be prepared to take your medication, or otherwise you will have to cope with an asthma attack, which will certainly not be a pleasant thing.

In the last stage before an attack, your palms and face get sweaty, your lips become purple and all the other symptoms mentioned above get more and more acute. These are the last moments when you can reach your inhaler and stop the further development of your attack.

The above listed symptoms are common to most asthma sufferers, but it is not necessary that they all happen at the same time. In fact, the symptoms may differ from attack to attack, so you must not expect a pattern that will repeat each and every time when an attack is imminent. Yet, it is important to know them all so that you recognize them when they occur and  prepared to stop the evolution of the attack before it actually begins.

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