Thursday, June 14, 2012


The vision of devices generating electricity from energy sources around us, free of cost, dates long back to the days of the famous scientist, Nicola Tesla. Tesla not only discovered these types of energy resources, but he also owned many patents for inventions based on his vision. He even built a device which proved his concept that electricity can indeed be provided to millions of people around the world without any cost.

So, how come people still have to pay hefty sums to electric companies to meet their everyday energy requirements? The answer lies in money, politics, greed, and self interests of people. Energy companies procure billions of dollars a year in terms of profit, and the last thing these companies need is for the general public to be intimated of the concept of free energy. So they spend millions of dollars towards the suppression of this progressive technology. These corporations have gone and will go through extreme measures involving bribery of government officials, purchase of patents from the inventor, law suits against the inventor, and even acts of violence.

These shock tactics were used even as early as the in days of Nicola Tesla. Tesla was subjected to severe difficulties. His principal investor deliberately held back money for his projects; he was black listed among several potential investors and was prevented from getting funds; in fact, once, his entire laboratory was burned to the ground. Needless to say, a lot of unscrupulous methods continue to be used by today's corporations as well.

Then there is the problem of basic human nature, that is not optimistic enough to believe in such technology unless proven to them by some big corporation or government agency. In fact, even during Tesla's days, he was called a dreamer and made fun of. It is human nature to pronounce something as not working, rather that admit to be baffled by its working. Better disparage the idea, than admit our stupidity. In fact, a lot of laws and principles in Science still remain to be discovered, and many of those that have been discovered are not beyond question.

If only, people were less self centered and more open minded! Among countless other advantages, we would have free and clean energy for billions of people on the planet. Sky 4 Energy provides the opportunity to at least a few people among the billions to truly reap the benefits of free electricity for their entire household.


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