Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Free energy systems deliver electricity for your household needs free of cost. One of the many devices popularised by free energy advocates uses TV and radio waves to produce electricity. This might come as a surprise to you, as these waves as not even intended for that purpose. However, you must realise that TV and radio signals are electromagnetic waves, and all electromagnetic waves possess some amount of electromagnetic energy. All you need is an appropriate device to convert this energy to usable electrical energy.

Radio waves are all around us. The working of our radio, TV, and even cell phones relies on the transmission of radio waves. These waves are among the longest waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, and could be the size of a football or the size of a football field. These electromagnetic signals can be a very good source of electrical energy.

The following describes a few devices that you can construct using simple components, that will demonstrate to you that electricity can be generated from radio waves. One device consists of an antenna that is connected to a variety of devices such as capacitors, variable capacitors, inductors, diodes, chokes, and resistors in a specific order. Many of these components are grounded. At the other end of this network, the terminals keep providing electric current continuously. With a number of such devices, you could generate enough electricity for your home.

In fact, the above mentioned process can be demonstrated with an even simpler device, consisting of just an antenna, conducting wires, and terminals. The voltage produced would be much smaller and less controllable, but the device still serves as the proof of concept of generation of electricity from radio waves.

Yet another device that could be used to demonstrate the working principles of similar free energy systems consists of an antenna, connected to a series of diodes and capacitor banks which are earthed. The terminals between the endpoints of the capacitor bank generate electricity at a continuous rate. However you must be very careful while conducting this experiment, as the grounding of the capacitor bank can be dangerous to people living near you, especially if they are taking a shower or using water from the main supply.


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