Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Defeat Eczema - Review

When my daughter got the eczema diagnosis, I was floored. Here was this beautiful, bright baby with a severe skin disorder. You could tell she was miserable, in pain, and I knew that there wasn't a lot I could do about it. The doctors offered up prescription moisturizers, but those only offered temporary relief. I couldn't stand to see my little girl like that, in pain, and with no way to help her. I, myself, felt totally helpless, and I knew there must be something I could do... but what?
This is when I began my search. To be honest, I found a lot of hooey. Snake oil, I like to call it. People claiming to have the one medicine that will cure it forever.. For the low, low price of $129.99 per application.
There was NO WAY I was putting that stuff on my daughter. NO WAY was I going to put a cream on my child that wasn't FDA-approved. I'm no dummy; I've seen horror stories before. It was then I realized that there must be some all-natural remedy, something I could do that didn't involve putting unknown chemicals all over my infant.
This is when I found Susan Thompson, and his book The Ultimate Guide to Defeat Eczema

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When I opened it up, I found EXACTLY what I was looking for: all natural remedies for my daughter's eczema, AND all-natural ways to prevent it from returning.
I have to admit, I was surprised. Susan showed me how little things I'd been doing, in an attempt to help her, had really been causing the flare-ups to worsen. He showed me which additives that are added to the lotions and soaps I'd bought to help her, actually increased the likelihood of increased symptoms.
In addition, he showed me how to treat those flare-ups.
Now, 4 months later, I'm floored by the effect this is having on us. Now that I know what causes her flare-ups, I've been able to significantly cut back the number of times she gets flare ups. And, when she does get a flare up, I'm able to treat it quickly and efficiently, so my baby isn't in prolonged pain.
Now, don't get me wrong: this is a lifestyle change. This is a change that my family had to make together and one which we must remain constant with in order to see results. But, see results we do. and for that reason alone it's worth all the effort.
But, don't just take my word for it; check it out for yourself {link}. And, after you've found some relief, let me know your story too!

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