Thursday, June 7, 2012

Want to Know How to Get More Cash on Frontierville? Then This Is for You

Coins play a great role in Frontierville. If you want to make your frontier town as one of the best, you will need to have a lot of coins. Remember that these are required in building a very successful and wealthy town.

You may not realize it at first, but having a lot of coins in Frontierville is very important. You can get coins as rewards for finishing certain tasks. But since your ability to complete tasks depend on how much energy you have left, you may not be able to gather as much coins as you'd like.

So what are the quick ways on how to get more cash on Frontierville?

Here are some tips on how to do it:

1) Harvest crops repeatedly
Every task will yield coins. Growing crops and harvesting them is one of the most efficient ways to earn coins in Frontierville. You can plant different types of crops. Different plants have respective amounts. If you plant a variety of crops, you can get more coins. One tip is to harvest plants that ripen easily in a repeated manner.

Another tip on how to get more cash on Frontierville using your crops is to place a "Tend This" sign next to your crops. Your neighbors will see this and, hopefully, give you a hand.

2) Clearing your area
Clearing rocks, skulls, and boulders will yield some coins. This, however, may not give you as much money as you want because clearing usually gives you only a coin. Nevertheless, it's still a way to earn coins.

3) Take care of your animals
Feeding your animals will reward you with coins. Animals serve as a really good investment because they are continuously hungry. The more times you feed them, the more coins you can get.

4) Complete collections
Every time you complete a task, like feeding your animals, harvesting your crops, or clearing your land, you will receive collectible items. They can be anything that is of use in the farm. Collect five of their kind and you can get more coins.

5) Seek the help of your neighbors
Getting your neighbor to help you around the farm will give you more coins. Not only will you earn coins, you will also establish relationships with your neighbors.

Don't neglect gold coins because you will need them. There are several ways on how to get more cash on Frontierville. They're everywhere. But there is one guide that will show you effective tips and tricks on how you can do it quickly.

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