Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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PCs would prop up Liberals if necessary cuts made, Hudak says
Toronto Star
PC Leader Tim Hudak, seen here during the recent provincial election, says he would be willing to prop up the Liberal minority government if it makes the necessary spending cuts to balance Ontario's books. Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says ...
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Kelly McParland: The new Liberal Party – We Pay Cash for Gold!
National Post (blog)
Bob Rae's determined effort to keep the Liberals in the news is starting to remind me of those weird little guys who pop up on television screens when you least expect it, offering to buy your gold. "Hi, I'm [strange man in bizarre outfit and funny ...
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Sask. Liberal leader reflects on latest loss
Saskatchewan Liberal leader Ryan Bater failed to win a seat in the provincial legislature. Saskatchewan Liberal leader Ryan Bater failed to win a seat in the provincial legislature. CBC The leader of the Saskatchewan Liberals says party members have ...
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NBN forces Liberals to juggle convictions and constituents
Sydney Morning Herald
Photo: Steve Lunam Liberal politicians' closet support for the NBN is at odds with party policy. Tony Abbott this week wasted no time again fingering the National Broadband Network as an easy target for elimination to push the budget back towards ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
ALP accuses Liberals of NSW election costs breach
ABC Online
The Liberal Party insists it has fully disclosed its staffing costs from the NSW state election in March. The New South Wales Opposition has called for authorities to investigate whether the Liberal Party breached electoral spending laws during this ...
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Liberals favor politics of personal destruction
Lewiston Sun Journal
By Cal Thomas In 2007 when she was running for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton told a fundraising event in Carson City, Nev., "I sure don't want Democrats, or the supporters of Democrats, to be engaging in the politics of personal destruction. ...
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Poll Finds Conservatives Outnumber Both Liberals And Moderates
Those who self-identify as "conservative" outnumber self-described "liberals" by a two-to-one margin according to the findings in a nationwide Gallup poll. At 42 percent to 21 percent, self-described conservatives nearly comprise a majority of the ...
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McGuinty's Liberals shelled out $10.5M to Indian company for Bollywood awards
National Post (blog)
Bollywood actress Bipashu Basu laughs with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty during The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards opening news conference in Toronto June 23, 2011. The Ontario government paid for an Indian entertainment company's ...
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Liberal Programs Deserve Blame for Income Inequality
Reason Online
Liberals are treating a new Congressional Budget Office study showing that income inequality increased in America over the last three decades as the smoking gun they'd always been looking for—the ultimate indictment of America, capitalism, ...
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Occupy Oakland Encampment Includes Liberals, Homeless, Drifters ...
By jparkercbs
Are they an organized political movement or is it pure anarachy inside the encampment at Oakland's Frank Oagawa Plaza?
CBS San Francisco
Conservatives 42% Liberals 21%, new Gallup Poll finds | The Right ...
By Red
Interestingly, it seems as though the more liberal our government gets, the more conservative We the People tend. Thankfully, election day is today, and an even bigger election day is less than one year away. I would prefer these statistics ...
The Right Scoop
Rod Dreher » Do liberals idealize hard work?
By Rod Dreher
The (libertarian) economist Tyler Cowen poses an interesting question. I'm not much of a fiction reader, so I don't know how to respond to this. But it's a good question all the same, so I put it to the room. He's responding to a Will Wilkinson ...
Rod Dreher
Gallup Poll: Conservatives 42%, Liberals 21% | Conservative Byte
By Conservative Byte
Self-professed conservatives now outnumber self-professed liberals in the United States, 42 percent to 21 percent, according to a Gallup poll published Monday. Another 37 percent described themselves as moderates. The percentages are ...
Conservative Byte

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